How to Increase Brand Awareness for Long-Term Business Benefits

Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to recognize and remember a brand, product or service. Brand awareness is important for businesses because consumers tend to buy products that come from familiar brands. Data from the Nielsen Global New Product Innovation Survey shows, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products made by brands that are familiar to them .

Growing and increasing brand awareness is indeed not an easy process to do. But the success of this process will have a good long-term impact on the business. Therefore, for those of you who want the business to continue to grow, you can try various ways that have been summarized by the Journal to increase brand awareness below.


Create attractive logos and taglines

The most basic thing for creating brand awareness is to make the logo and tagline as attractive as possible. A logo will appear on everything related to your business. Ranging from products, posters, websites, social media, business cards and other documents. Make an iconic logo so that it is more attached and people will remember your brand in one glance.

In addition, make a tagline that is simple but strongly represents the brand. So it’s easy to remember and consumers can easily associate it with brands when they hear or read the tagline . But simple here does not mean carelessly, because a bad tagline can actually damage the brand’s reputation Choose words that are meaningful, represent the brand, and are close to the daily lives of consumers.


Active on Social Media

Building an image on social media is said to be the best way to get closer to consumers. The reason is because the community currently has almost all social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. According to ” Digital Around the World 2019 “, in Indonesia alone there are more than 150 million people who use social media from a total of 268 million residents. And at least spend 3 hours 26 minutes every day accessing social media for any purpose.

You can reach consumers by utilizing a platform that they access every day. Social media enables brands to be widely recognized by specific target markets. So that your brand is quickly recognized by the target market, use promotion or advertising features . Besides that brand awareness can also be increased by working with influencers who are active on social media.


Create an Interesting and Informative Website

In addition to being active on social media, you also have to be smart to use your website . Create an attractive appearance and provide useful information. Build a website that is user-friendly for easy use by consumers. Also, provide product or service information that is offered in a complete and easy to understand way.

So that potential customers are interested in visiting brand websites , create article content that contains information that is relevant to them. With articles, you not only educate, but can also direct consumers to your brand .


Following the Event

Following the event is an effective way to introduce the brand directly. An event is generally attended by many people, if the brand becomes a sposor or opens a booth in the event, of course the brand will get exposure. To be right on target, choose events whose participants are in accordance with the brand’s target market.

In addition, following the event can provide opportunities for potential customers to get acquainted directly with the brand. Namely by looking at the form of products offered by the brand directly. The more events you sponsor or hold, the more familiar and close your customers are to your brand .


Perform Co-Branding

Your brand is not widely known by consumers? Co-branding can be one solution that is worth a try. Co-branding is cooperation between two or more brands that have the aim to improve the image of a product or service. One familiar example of co-branding is Chitato and Indomie, Chitato distributes products with fried Indomie flavors. This merger is quite unique so that consumers are made curious and flocked to try.

Of course this strategy elevates the image of both brands at once. Although it’s not as fantastic as this big brand merger , at least with co-branding your brand emblazoned with a bigger brand and helps consumers to get to know him better. But in carrying out this strategy, make sure the brand you are working with has the same customer profile as your brand and does not have a bad image.


Giving Reward

Who doesn’t like things that smell free? Whatever loyal consumers are to a brand, they will still be interested in participating in other brand promotions that offer discounts, promos and vouchers. You can use this strategy to attract potential customers who don’t know or try your product.

Offer this reward with several conditions such as sharing posts related to your brand on social media or referral codes . That way, potential customers or consumers who take part in this promotion will help you to spread the brand name.


Using Influencers

Previously it was mentioned related to working with influencers on social media marketing, but this time it will be discussed more clearly. This method is also called influencer marketing , where business owners use influencers to promote products on various social media that they have.

These influencers are usually people who have quite a number of followers and are connected with a wide audience. Influencers are usually very trusted by their followers , so any product or service used can be their own inspiration. So when a brand promoting products through influencers, the followers of influencers will be exposed to the brand and may have a desire to use the same products as his idol.


Increasing brand awareness can be done in various ways. Determine the right strategy so that it can truly help the business grow in the long run. In the process, don’t forget to always determine costs and record expenses to carry out strategies to increase brand awareness.

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