What You Should Know Before Booking a Peru Travel Tou


Peru, located in Southern America, is a country rich in history, cultural and natural beauty. Millions of vacations arrive on the shores each year to enjoy a piece of what this magnificent country has to offer.

Peru is the perfect destination for couples, groups and families and has become a top choice for adventure seekers.

There are so many exhilarating outdoor activities to take advantage of whether it’s hiking in the Inca Trail or river rafting through the Amazon jungle.

Before considering Peru travel tours, it’s advisable to know when the best time of year is to travel. This is a country that has a very wet season and a warm dry season. The majority of visitors will visit between May and October when the rain levels are at a minimum and the warm sun is a welcome addition to their perfect vacation.

Spanish is the main language of the area, but the majority of hotels, Peru travel tours operators and shop owners do understand English, so you will be able to converse with ease. If you know some Spanish it will help you with shopping, when bargaining is expected. peru jungle tours

This is a relatively safe country if you take the obvious precautions that you would take in any major city. Don’t walk the city streets flashing your cash around. The majority of visitors carry their cash in their pocket rather than a wallet and leave their bank cards safely secured at the hotel.

Always be aware of your surroundings and stay with your group. Though once trekking in the mountainous areas, you won’t need to worry about the petty thieves you can find on the streets of the cities.

Most people will fly into the Jorge Chavez International Airport and then travel to their destination from there.

Those travelling from Northern America, European Union, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia can obtain a visa on arrival. Any other countries must obtain their visa before travelling. Most of the tourist visas are for over one hundred days, enabling you to really explore all the country has to offer.

If you are looking at Peru travel tours, then your transportation and accommodation will be taken care of as a full service package. This is advantageous, especially when visiting a country you don’t know.

When you have some alone time in the city, there is an extensive public bus service and there are always taxis available to take you where you need to go. Getting around the main city areas is really easy.

If you are considering Peru travel tours you may be looking for an adventure tour or a cultural one. Depending on your choice will impact what you need to pack in your suitcase to make your comfortable during your stay.

Remember that this country can get very hot during the summer months, so it’s advisable to pack plenty of sun cream, a sun hat and sun glasses. Cool, light fitting clothing and good walking shoes are essential.

When you arrive in the smaller cities, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Inca City, you will want to explore all it has to offer on foot, so sandals or high heels are not the ideal footwear.

For those that have chosen the adventurous Peru travel tours that include white river rafting, be sure to include a bathing suit, towel and shoes you can wear that you don’t mind getting wet.

Finally, Peru travel tours are fun, easy and stress free. They are the best way to explore all this magnificent country has to offer visitors and ensures you don’t miss anything along the way, as dedicated and knowledgeable tour guides give you insight into this countries rich historical past.

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